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Two Minute Project: Table Re-Do

One of the many things I love about my house is the patio above my garage. For the past 2 years I have been trying to do something with it. In fact, the first piece of furniture I bought for my house was a lounging chair for the patio. Unfortunately, 2 years later, I can’t seem to get it done.

Right after I moved into the house, my cousin saw a great metal table on the side of the road. Being a fabulous cousin, she thought of me and somehow got the table into her car and brought it to me. All it needed was a good re-paint to bring it back to its prime. So I went out and bought the paint the same day she delivered the table. But, did I do the project? NOOOO!

I found all sorts of excuses for my laziness. It would be cold, or it would look like it might rain in the next day or week or month…or I didn’t have chairs to match, so why hurry up with the paint job.

Well my excuses had to come to an end. Although it is still cold outside, and it was snowing last week, I bought the perfect chairs to match the table at Costco. So, as any well-meaning person, I still didn’t do it!  But I got a call from Squash asking where the paint was located, because she had had enough of my excuses and she painted the table. And it only took her the afternoon, making my previous excuses completely lame!

So if you have any of these projects laying around, I encourage you to have an awesome sister do it for you!

Next I need to figure out how to get permanent water up on the roof and add some greenery…this summer I will do it. Cross my heart and hope to…well, maybe i shouldn’t risk my life on this one, but I really do intend to do it. :)

-Brooke (and Squash)