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Pine Plank Flooring vs. Carbonized Bamboo

Kitchen with pine floor

I realize I’ve been a little AWOL in the blog-o-sphere of late.  You see I’ve been obsessing about renovating my kitchen/dining/family room area.  It all started with needing to replace the worn out and stained carpet in the family room.   But if we’re going to replace the carpet, wouldn’t it be better to replace the ugly chipped and broken white tile in the dining room and kitchen at the same time?  Especially since it also connects to the hallway where the carpet needs to be replaced as well.  And for continuity’s sake, if we’re doing those floors we should do the front entry too so it all flows together.  Right?!?

So what flooring should we put in?  Wood, Laminate, Bamboo–there are too many choices.  Thus AWOL.

I’ve been vacillating between New England White Pine flooring which is solid wood but soft, and the harder Carbonized Bamboo.  I could spend days discussing the pros and cons, and have with all my wonderful sisters who keep listening to me go back and forth.   A week and a half ago I settled on the Carbonized Bamboo and have almost 700 square feet of it now residing in my front room.

There’s just one problem.

I think I’ve changed my mind.  The following is an email I sent to my sisters explaining myself and the inspiration for doing so.

Hey guys,

Back to the same old key on the piano,  but allow me to hit it a few more times.  You see I am concerned about ever having to repair the bamboo.  It’s only 1/2 inch thick rather than the standard 3/4 inch think of most hardwood floors.  It’s also the click-and-lock system.  My concern is how difficult it could be down the road to ever have to repair a section.  Heaven forbid anything should ever happen to it, but what if I needed to repair a few boards in one spot.  I not sure it would be as easy as say, a standard width and depth floor in an easily acquired material.  Catching my drift.

To further cloud the subject…
I was looking  at Rate My Space last night trying to get ideas on how to paint the cabinets, when I ran across these two kitchens.  Guess what?  They both have PINE PLANK FLOORING!!!???!!! aaahhhhahhh
I like this first one the best.  They even did New England White Pine plank flooring.  Check it out.

Kitchen with pine plank flooring

The other one did black bottom cabinets and white upper cabinets.  I thought perhaps I could do black lower cabinets, white upper cabinets and white island.  Just a thought.

Black and white cabinets with pine plank flooring

I know we’ve already beaten this horse into the ground so would someone please shoot me.  I broached the subject with [my sports addict] and showed him these two kitchens before he ran off to work.  He was fine with taking back the bamboo–not thrilled, but fine.  I think he’s resigned himself to all this and I’ve apologized for being such a high-maintenance-woman.

Well I’m off to tear out my wall and front entry.  Wish me luck and give me a call if you have a minute.  I probably won’t be answering emails since I’m knee deep in demo.

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