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Tulip Festival Portraits and Mini Fusion

Loryn full shot

Last week we went as a family to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival.  It’s held every year at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens in Lehi, Utah.  (See last years pics here.) The gardens are huge, as in 55-acres huge, and there are over 250,000 tulips budding and blooming everywhere.  We spent a good hour and a half wandering through and only wandered down about a third of the paths.  Of course I had to take my camera and try to catch portraits of my wind-blown and grass-stained children.

Ashton full shot copy

The kids enjoyed hopping and skipping down the paths, laughing and rolling down the grassy hillsides, and exploring the different sections of the garden. I enjoyed capturing their natural smiles, rosy cheeks and bright eyes. Of course I will have to admit Photoshop helped a little too.

Dave and Kristen in Garden copy

I used the Pioneer Woman‘s eye brightening action on many of my pics. (Our wee-squinty eyes need a little pick-me-up sometimes to be seen, or sometimes I just want to show off Missy K’s beautiful eyes when they aren’t behind her glasses.)

Kristen closeup copy

But the action I’ve been relying on lately is the Mini-Fusion action from MCP Actions. By simply adjusting the opacity of the different layers, I can easily brighten or darken a photo, and make adjustments to the warmth, contrast, and color saturation. It quickly changes a picture from looking like this:


to looking like this:

Hunter Closeup copy

The picture was all right before, but after applying the Mini-Fusion action, the colors really pop. And so much of the layer adjusting guess work is done in the click of a button. Mini-Fusion has saved me so much time adjusting pictures.

My only concern is that my monitor is different from other peoples’ monitors. So I’d like to know, how does it look to you?

Without Mini-fusion:


With Mini-fusion:

Allison closeup copy

Without Mini-fusion:


With Mini-fusion:

Loryn funny face copy

Without Mini-Fusion:

Rolling down hills

With Mini-Fusion:

Rolling down hills-mini-fusion copy

(Note: Rolling down hills as a kid was so fun. Why does it make me sick now?)

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  • Love the picture of Missy L sitting on the grass with that look on her face. That is a keeper for sure!