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Bak’n some Bacon

Here is a super easy and fast way to make super yummy bacon.

The first thing you do is put aluminum foil on a regular cookie sheet. (The correct terminology for the type of pan I am actually referring to is called a jelly roll pan, but who wants to say such a long name? Nobody!)

The next thing to do is get your yummy bacon out.

Then start laying the strips together until your sheet looks something like…

This! Then put it in the oven. Oh and remember your don’t have to preheat your oven!

Put the temp. to 400 degrees F and set the timer for about 20 minutes.  For me it took about 25 but it depends on your oven.

Pull your bacon out and put it on some paper towels or napkins and let them cool.

This post (and bacon) was brought to you by Trisha our wonderful cousin who finally gave me a push to put up a post. :)


  • It looks so good! Thank you, Squash, for wearing the hats of both apprentice chef and photographer. I think the post is wonderful and hopefully you’ll continue with cooking photos like the bacon and the watermelon tasting/testing. (Along with other posts of your choice, of course!)