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The Bungalow Gets a Kitchen!


The Bungalow’s kitchen isn’t a pretty reality. At least it hasn’t been in quite some time. Certainly it had seen better days before we moved in, but the space was right and we planned to update the kitchen anyway. 6+ years later and we are finally getting around to updating the kitchen.

What updating means is:

Taking out these old “custom made” (meaning pieces of junk homemade) cupboards and replacing them with something a little more functional. Like drawers that don’t fall out.

Or getting rid of mysterious molding for random cupboards, and missing doors.


I will miss the midget door to nowhere, and I’ll probably miss the ironing board cupboard turned medicine cabinet, but not as much as I’ll enjoy fully functional, full sized, cupboards. And I will not miss the random electrical.

Nor will I miss this linoleum tile floor that doesn’t always meet up.

I’ll be happy to finish this patch job

And to finally get this window complete!

It’s not that it’s been a bad kitchen. It has it’s issues but we’ve lived with them. It’s just that I’d like to stop living with the issues and instead live in the beautiful potential kitchen that is around the corner.

So we’ll take out these cupboards, counters, floors, and

this wall!

The kitchen remodel is going to be a lot of time and attention but hopefully we’ll get something a little more clean, functional, and open.

A little less this:

And a little more this:




  • Same advice that I gave your sister-mock-up, mock-up, mock-up. It will pay off in the end if you actually pretend where the corners will be and if they need to be rounded and/or clipped on counters. Measure the largest kitchen bowls, pans, appliances to make sure they will fit in cupboards. I’m excited to see what you choose for cabinets, flooring, counter tops, etc…

    Oh, I chose marmoleum for our kitchen floor. It wasn’t as expensive as we had originally thought, its environmentally friendly and natural as well as good for people with asthma and allergies (we couldn’t stand some of the linoleum smells) and it lasts a really long time. Biggest benefit? When I’m standing at the stove, stirring a really long cooking batch of caramels, my feet don’t start aching like they do on tile or stone flooring. Marmoleum is much easier for standing and extended cooking then many other flooring choices. Again, just my 2 cents!

    • This is great advice Trisha, thank you! We bought our flooring several years ago, slate tile, so unfortunately we can’t back out on that now, but I’ll definitely mock-up and block-out things before final decision making time. I’d love any other advice you have.