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Bungalow Kitchen: The Floor Demolition

After the wall came down, our next effort at demolition was to remove this floor. Our approach was to take up the sub-floor with muscle. Luckily April and the twins came up to help.


A lot of the particle board was old, or had water damage, and thus it tended to come up in tiny chunks making the work slow going.

The twins patiently played outside until they run through some dog poop…then they were removed from their shoes and set up on my bed to watch Dora the Explorer. Bless the internet!


Despite the slow process by the time April had to leave we had the entire sub-floor up, a truck full of flooring ready for the dump, and this beautiful end to the destruction part of the kitchen remodel project.


Now we have to figure out electrical, plumbing, and Sheetrock.


  • It’s wonderful how you’re moving along so quickly!

    Advice for the day/week: Lots of outlets. Just sayin’ they come in handy.

    I have two outlets on either end of the island and if I did it again I’d probably put a third outlet in the middle. We’ve plugged in everything from lights, mixers, hair dryers, air popcorn poppers and show vacs and sometime just two outlets have not been enough! I currently have the microwave on the island and it’s plugged into one of the outlets. Plus we have a light and phone plugged into the other outlet so on the whole island there’s only one free outlet at one time-a third outlet would make a big difference. Remember to balance outlets for those things continuously plugged in v. items used infrequently.