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April’s Kitchen Remodel Series: New Kitchen Cabinets

As you may recall from the previous update, we discovered some unfortunate water damage in the corner, which meant we needed new base cabinets for the perimeter or the kitchen.  This was not originally in the budget, but since the plan was to strip and paint all the original cabinetry we went ahead and bought some inexpensive unfinished oak cabinets with a door profile similar to the original upper cabinets.


Between my minivan and Catherine and Rachael’s truck we were able to bring them all home in one trip and start priming. Actually Catherine and my wonderful sports addict did most of the priming if I’m remembering correctly.

They took off most of the doors before priming since that is best, but for some reason left two doors on. It was a lot of work and I don’t begrudge them trying to cut corners.


One coat down and about six more steps to go before they are done.

We were lucky enough to buy the cabinets on sale and ended up spending about $900 for six base cabinets, and two upper cabinets to be used as the back side of the new island. A real steal in the cabinetry world. Just wait till you see them all painted. They will be gorgeous.

Note: The events in this post occurred around mid March of this year. I’m catching up on my kitchen saga.

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