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Bungalow Closet

When last we left my closet there was  a gaping hole once known as the  midget door to  no-where! (Okay it was a hole between the vortex known as my closet and the catastrophe known as the kitchen.  No one wanted to really venture either place, which is good because the hole was only big enough for a midget little person and was shut up by a chunk of trimmed out wood.


After knocking down the door we had created a hole: great to have the door down, not so great for keeping all the dust and wonder of construction out of my closet or off my clothes.

I did put up plastic, but it turns out that plastic is easy to get caught in the wind tunnels of the Great Shop Vac. So, I had to spend today doing something about the returned hole. And that something was nothing more than a little sheet rock.


Ta-da! Okay, it didn’t take ALL day, but it took about an hour to get the studs furred out to the right depth, and then cut the sheet, and screw it into place. I may have had some lunch in there too…so it didn’t take that long, certainly nothing to write a blog about…but doesn’t it look so much better?

From the kitchen side it’s looking pretty good too. (Or at least it’s an improvement.)


Oh and yes some of that fancy new wiring I put in today too. (April did the bulk of the work, but I made some adjustments like putting the microwave on its own circuit.) Part of that new wiring is the new plug for the stove. Fancy and grounded…details to come.


So don’t miss next time when we find out if the breakers flip or not…

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