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A Bungalow Bathroom Miracle

Okay, that title could be really bad, but I’m hoping it lends itself to your thoughts of a fan…that works…cause they are good in bathrooms.


For the past several months our bath fan has been out of commission (as indicated by the taped over light switch). One day it was struggling to suck air, and then next it was making bad noises, and finally it gave up the ghost. I didn’t have the time to really investigate it so I taped up the light switch and bought some extra candles.


Cue handy woman Catherine extraordinaire!


It turns out that while I was running electrical for the Bungalow’s Kitchen I thought I should look into fixing the fan, especially with the power off to the whole house. I mean why waste a good power down?


After opening the fan I unplugged the motor, (taking no chances here) and then I read the labels on the casing that said, “push here first, and then push here.” Such nice labels. I followed directions using my handy screwdriver, and out popped the casing for the motor.


I’m thinking that the grossness on the fan has something to do with its put out motor.



With the housing out it was a matter of getting the right motor from our local Lowe’s, and then pushing the casing up and in by pushing here, and then there.


All beautiful, shiny, and new. I plugged it in, turned on the breakers, and took off the tape.


And that was it, it worked. We had a new wonderful bathroom fan.

Not counting the time it took to go to Lowe’s and find the right replacement, this project took all of 10 minutes and barely a screwdriver.


But it is done now and next time the grossness gets to the fan, I won’t hesitate to “fix” the problem.