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Bungalow Kitchen: Stove Electrical

I know I’ve been promising electrical updates forever…but here it is, at least one electrical update.

Behind that hand is the electrical for our stove plug. The last plug we had was lovely and all, except that it wasn’t grounded. So, with the move across the room, we thought we’d take care of that problem. April helped me run the wire and then we capped it off to be tended to later.


And later it was really easy to finish.

Step one: turn off the power. (I like to switch off the whole house because I believe in safety first.)
Then remove the electrical nuts.


Enter our four prong plug. It has four prongs because there are two feed wires (red and black), one return wire (white) and one ground wire (bare copper).


Conveniently on the back the inputs for each wire are labeled. Just follow the instructions and secure the wire with the screw.

electrical plug


Once each wire is secured then the trick is shoving it all back into the tiny box.

This step tends to be easier with smaller wire, but for a stove the wire is thick because it draws so much power.

Wrestle and push, and then tighten the plug into the box using the screws provided.


I always find electrical a little daunting because there is that death factor of being electrocuted. Or there is the possibility of wiring things wrong and burning down the house…but if you can put those fears aside, then it’s not so bad. In fact it’s kind of fun. Just make sure you read the directions, and have someone around to check your work.

I luckily have this great guy. And an electrical tester. Don’t forget a good electrical tester.


  • Very nice tutorial Cath. My friend Debbie said Wow, your daughters are all so talented. She’s wondering if you would consider coming to Fallon Nevada and remodel her kitchen. To all my girls, have a great day! Signed, one of your most faithful Homehinges followers.

  • I have to add to Robear’s comments: I showed this post to my mom and she too thought it was wonderful. She said she like the clear pictures with the little drawings (for the ground and white wires). With these kind of pictures she said you could teach anyone how to do a stove outlet!

    Cousin Trisha