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Atlantic Beach

As the hurricane hits North Carolina, my thoughts are with my wonderful in-laws who live there.  Their power is out but they have two bathtubs full of water and plenty of supplies.  So far the only casualty within the family was my brother-in-law’s family trampoline.  It went for quite a wild ride in the wind.

I was there with my Princess and Total Sweetness at the end of July.  We had a wonderful time, especially going to the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores.

Outside the aquarium was this amazing sand sculpture.


Considering the eye of the hurricane hit land around here, I’m certain this sculpture is history.

One of the highlights of the aquarium was the river otters.


They had just been fed and were playing with their various “toys”, buckets and balls with holes cut out of them which they had to roll around and play with in order to get their food out. It was pretty cute.


They have an amazing tank full of huge fish that’s always exciting. Chasing the fish. Pretending to swim with the fish. Screaming when the large sharks come at us. Well, not me. I’m busy taking pictures. You get the idea.

swimming with fish

We’ve been several times as a family and learn something new each time. For example, did you know horseshoe crabs’ blood is blue because it is copper based instead of iron based like ours.

horseshoe crabs

This was the first time Total Sweetness got the courage to touch the sea creatures in the petting part of the aquarium. He couldn’t do the sting rays, but finally touched some shells and the horseshoe crabs. It was a proud moment.

The beach is also amazing.  Total Sweetness had a bit of a hard time with the waves and getting seashells in his trucks, but he played for a long time.

Running to the water

Being from Utah, the beach is quite the novelty.  Just as a word of warning to other beach amateurs, keep your eyes closed.


Total Sweetness learned this the hard way.

Or use goggles.


Now that’s my girl.

From what my mother-in-law told us on the phone today, this beach was hit really hard.  The news was saying it is like a war zone and some of the shoreline has been permanently altered.  Hopefully it will be back together again by the time we return in a year or two.  It’s one of our favorite places.