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Utility Closet Confession


Perhaps you noticed the silence around here for a week. I did. It hung over my head and kept telling me to “do something.” I’m pretty good at ignoring such voices though, so I haven’t done anything to the utility closet. It still looks mostly empty. (I put some stuff on the shelves that don’t belong on the shelves meaning I’ve created more of a mess rather than making progress. So I guess that means– Closet 5: Catherine 0.)

In other news though, we have a pantry that’s also been begging for some organization.

Doesn’t it look like such a lovely pantry?

Inside has been a little more chaos.


One problem we had sorting out the pantry was cans. The shelves are 24″ deep and it is frustrating to lose cans far back into the depths of the pantry. What can you do?


Enter the “Cansolidator” available at Or if you’re lucky, like me, you can find them at your local Costco.

This system is brilliant. It rotates the cans so you have the “first in first out” rotation of food. It also keeps cans at the front of the shelf and safe from being lost in the back corners. Because the cans stay upfront and rotate themselves we put them up higher, places where we’d usually have to have step stool to see what is back there anyway, and let the cansolidator do the work.




How’s that for a good looking pantry inside and out?


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  • Looks great! Do you remember the homemade cansolidator Grandpa Ashton built from wood? I can’t remember now too much about them but it was a similar concept. And now some stores use the same idea for many soups. I think it’s practical and attractive. Catherine wins in the pantry play-off!