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2 Minute Project: Even Scaredy Cats Like Halloween Wreaths

Halloween wreath 1

I am a total scaredy cat. I still remember sitting in the theater, on the opening night of “The Others”. You know, that Nicole Kidman vehicle with a twist ending. Somehow my cousin forgot to tell me that it was a scary movie when she invited me…well to be fair, she probably thought it was just a bit creepy and fun. However, I was TERRIFIED. There was one scene that was particularly frightening and I involuntarily screamed…but I was the only one… in the entire packed and silent theater…and then the audience burst out laughing. Needless to say, I snuck out during the ending credits so no one would know it was me. I have also stopped telling people how scary I thought that movie was, because you can actually see them re-evaluate everything they thought about you and silently move you to the “wimpy-person” list in their brains.

Halloween wreath 4

You might ask what any of this has to do with Halloween. While I am a total scaredy cat, I love Halloween. I don’t understand this, but it is true. I love to decorate for Halloween. I like it to be a little creepy and sinister. This is a wreath that I made.

Halloween wreath 2

It was easy. I started with a basic grass wreath and then spray painted it black. Next I wove a bright orange ribbon around the base of the wreath and made a simple bow.

Halloween wreath 3

Because I think that everything is a bit more fun with glitter, I took some black leaf cutouts and added black glitter to them and then wired and glued them around the wreath’s center.

Halloween wreath 5

Lastly I found odds and ends at the craft store in black and orange to add to the wreath. My favorite is the black owl with its orange eyes. All in all, this wreath was a quick and easy project.

Happy Halloween! I will be under my bed hiding out.


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