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Boy Scout Camping and Photoshop Actions

Cow photo

Camping with 11 year old boy scouts and Photoshop actions seems like a strange combination but that’s what you get when Dad has tickets to a football game so Mom gets to go to the camp-out instead.  What was I to do while surrounded by little boys and their fathers?  I chose to pretend to fit in by snapping pictures while the fathers made tinfoil dinners.

Did I mention the camp sight was next to a cow pasture about three miles from home? And have I ever mentioned what an amazing view of the mountains we have here?

pasture near my home

I forget sometimes. It’s easy to take the beautiful surroundings for granted in the everyday rush to make sure the dishes are done, the kids are to school, errands are run, and everyone has clean socks and underwear (whether they change them or not…That is a story I should probably never tell).

But thanks to Photoshop I can make my meager attempt to capture such beauty a little bit better.

For instance, here is a lovely bundle of wire that was hanging on the side of a shed on this cow property next to our tent site.


With a little help from Photoshop and the action I created for red-rock country, which brings out the reds, blues, and greens, I was able to turn my blah colored wire into something that pops.

Wire -April's color saturation copy

I used the same action on the field photo toward the top. One of these days I’ll figure out how to save and share an action. When I do, I’ll share it. But don’t anyone hold your breath.

I’m still so new to all of this photo stuff. For example, how did I miss the big splotch of light on my buddy’s face?

Ashton and horseshoes

I think I was too distracted by how cute my little guy is, and just how old he is getting everyday. When did he become old enough to be on a scout camp out?

Speaking of scout camp out, I was told to bring a dinner to cook over the fire. All the other dads brought stuff to make tinfoil dinners. As a kid, those never turned out very well for me, usually consisting of burned meat, and crunchy potatoes burned on one side. So I went with chicken nuggets.

Ashton's chicken nuggets

Don’t worry, I threw in some seasoned zucchini. That’s camping food…right?

I also calmly took pictures while my baby shot bb’s at a tin can.


And while he and his friends tried to get up their courage to touch a cow.

Trying to sneak up on a cow

It never worked. Those scary cows!

Thankfully my wonderful sports addict made it back from the football game to take over the “sleeping over” part of camping out and I got to go home smelling like a campfire.

Chicken nugget roasting campfire that is!

And I got a few fun pics.

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