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Cease to be Idle


When we started the blog one of the things we wanted to stay away from is religion.  Religion and politics tend to be touchy subjects and we like to be passive aggressive when starting fights, so we avoid the upfront conflict subjects.  That’s all just to say that this is not a religious post.  It is, however, my considerations on the phrase “cease to be idle.”

The thing is, I like still and quiet time.  This morning while enjoying the luxury of a day off work I took miss dog to the park.  We played.  I got some much needed sun and Xyla got some much needed exercise.  While at the park I took some time to sit still and enjoy the beautiful morning.  As I enjoyed the peace of the day I began to contemplate the idea of “cease to be idle.”  I mean, wasn’t I being idle?  Didn’t I have a million other things to tend to besides the brilliant blue sky, the sharp but cool fall light, the soft grass, and the clean air?  Yes, of course.  But I was also enjoying the beauty of the world that God created and pondering upon the pleasures of life.  That’s when I realized that I appreciate quiet time because it gives me the opportunity to think and that offers me time to think about God.  Being still allows me to appreciate his blessings and to worship Him.

I think that it is easy to think that we have to be going, going, going all the time.  “Cease to be idle” is different then “go constantly” though.  To me “go constantly” is the oppositions’s interpretation of cease to be idle because if one is always going then one won’t have time to pause, appreciate, or pray.

I know it’s not a big revelation.  It is just something that came up while sitting in the grass watching Xyla tear off after her ball and get such joy from the whole thing.  So I have been considering.  I think “Cease to be idle” means, cease to be unaware of how you are spending your time.  Cease to waste the amount of time you have and put forth the effort to use your minutes wisely.  The Mac dictionary on my computer defines “idle” as “without  purpose.”  To me that suggests that sometimes taking the dog for a walk and sitting at the park an extra ten minutes because the weather is beautiful and the dog is happy is not pointless; when done aware it may be called worship, and there’s nothing idle about that.


What do you think?