Family & Friends Halloween Holidays

Post Halloween Post

So two days ago was Halloween. Has it been that long already? Of course the day itself felt about three days long.

First I raced from costuming everyone,


To frantically trying to snap a shot of my children in the school parade as they zipped by,


To the second grade Halloween poem and song performance,

(TS was more concerned about his helmet than doing all the actions, but the little boy in front of him almost passed out due to locked knees. There’s always one isn’t there. Thankfully no harm done.)

To housework I’ve put off in order to make said costumes,
To dinner…I think we had sandwiches…,

To trick-or-treating,


(Note: I had to hunt down three children to get this photo. Don’t they know we can’t start ’till mom gets her porch shot of everyone? Missy K and TS also had to spend three minutes on the couch before we could go because they had actually started trick-or-treating down the street without me. Luckily all to houses of people we know and love…but still…not allowed.)
It’s also lucky they were playing so cutely together earlier, putting mommy in a benevolent mood.

TS & Missy K -friends

This little sheep has no fear. She was all the way around the corner by the time Bo-Peep caught up to her to drag her back.

Missy K sheep

Speaking of Bo-Peep, there really is something to the nursery rhyme–she can not keep track of her sheep.  Or maybe it’s the sheep can’t keep track of her.  Between her ambitious and competitive personality, and the sheep’s short legs and wandering attention span, there seemed to be some kind of  subconscious effort between both parties to lose each other in the race around the neighborhood.

Bo-Peep and sheep

Then there was my sweet “Marvin the Martian” who delighted in each compliment he received on his costume. It was a challenge but all worth it.


And of course, Total Sweetness (TS) beamed at how spiffy he looked in his uncle’s old helmet and pads.  Technically they’re lacrosse gear, but we modified them as best we could to represent a Packer’s football player.

TS the Packer

After the trick-or-treating I took a minute to collapse on the couch and watch “The Sing Off”, before forcing all the sugar loaded children to bed.

It’s a good thing they’re all so cute, but I swear…no more making costumes next year! At least that’s what I say now. By then I’ll probably have forgotten this resolution.
Oh well, they’re only little for a while.