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Baseboards and Casing

Side door with moulding

New baseboards and door casings are part of the master plan for the entire downstairs.  Catherine was nice enough to come over in September (yes I’m back posting) and help me do about a fourth of the total.  Since then I’ve made very little progress, but I thought I should at least celebrate the accomplishments of that day so long ago.

It all started with this door.


And figuring out how to “bump” into said door.


And making sure everything was plumb and level and pleasing to the eyeball.

DSC_0029 copy

Notice the little plinth block at the bottom of the casing. It was available through the lumber company I purchased from. It has a deeper profile, allowing the baseboard and the casing to bump or butt into it while still allowing a little reveal. This is just one of those simple touches that adds quality detail. (Note: I dislike the word butt. We try not to use it around our house.)

Aaahhh the beauty of decorative moulding.


I love the fluted casing we decided to use just around the side and front doors. And using the header piece saved us from mitering the top corners. (Way easier) I prefer to not put fluting along the top of the door. It can look nice if you use corner blocks, but I don’t think it looks as good mitered against itself.

kitchen door with moulding side view

I consider moulding the jewelry of a house. It just adds that little bit of sparkle, taking a normal room and bumping it up a notch.  Or in this case, taking a room-still-under-construction and making it look almost finished.  Now that door could really use a fresh coat of paint.  (I don’t think it ever ends.)


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  • April, that moulding makes the door look so great! I didn’t even notice the door needing painting until you pointed it out.