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Trisha’s Basement Apartment

One of our dear cousins, Trisha, has a basement apartment to rent out.  The hold up has been some minor cosmetic, and plumbing issues.  Somehow this blog has given her the idea that we are handy enough to help out and so she has graciously employed us to ready the apartment for some lucky renter(s).

Our scope has been pretty minimal because we’re not professionals, but we love to help out with projects, especially new projects.  So here are the first shots of the Basement Apartment.

The bedroom has lovely wood paneling that we’ve opted to paint.


Because the apartment has such incredible light, we’ve opted for white paint to help highlight how bright it is.

The living space had some mismatched ceiling tiles, and some more wood paneling: some things we have also opted to paint.



And the kitchen has this lovely pantry, that was superman blue.


We still opted to paint it.

The goal is to make the space cozy and clean. (The clean part really isn’t a problem, but the look of clean comes out in crisp white paint.)

Next up for this apartment is work in the bathroom: fix up the sink and improve some tile issues.
And the kitchen needs a new faucet with some plumbing work. But that’s about it. Move appliances into place and ta-da, we should be on schedule for this income property.

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