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Basement Plumbing Repairs

So a few weeks ago I mentioned that we have been helping our cousin with some repairs in her basement apartment.  It’s taken a bit of time to get back to work there, but a week ago April, Robear, and I found some time to work on plumbing and bathroom repair.

Using some acrobatic skills, April assessed the kitchen sink.
Trisha house

There’s some plumbing to rework and some shut-offs to add. Then we’ll see what else.

In the bathroom there was this:

Water damage from a once-upon-a-time shower door.

Our solution to the problem was to remove the loose plaster, repair and then seal the water-damaged part. Finally we water-proofed the work with silicone, and then covered the repair with trim.

Trisha bath

Next up is to replace the vanity in the bathroom, add trim, paint, and say “Voila!”



  • Just to confirm, it looks so much better! Liveable, bright and updated. And I love that we’re taking a break for the holidays-we didn’t need to add anything more to schedules that were already filled up with family and traditions. It looks like the holidays were good for everyone (including us!) and we’ll look forward to new things when the new year starting rolling along.