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Kitchen Window


Niel, our Dentist in Waiting, came home for the holidays and to my house to help with some finishing touches. First up: electrical. We’ve had wires sticking out of the ceiling for the past several months for potential pendant lights.


The hang up has been the attic. At the end of August it was too hot to get up and work on the lights. And then all winter I’ve managed to ignore the electrical. But when Niel comes home there is no reason not to send the boy up into the attic.


He coaxed everything together and finally put the pendants in place.

Lights up

Then we worked on trim for around the window.


I’ve held off on the window trim because I wanted it to look good, and at this point in the process my quality control has catapulted itself out of the country to watch Chinese children paint toys. So I held boards while Niel patiently measured and cut and measured and cut meticulously.


We were so excited by the finished product that we quickly made a mess in the kitchen and forgot to get a good picture.

Kit window

But that’s okay. What is a new kitchen good for unless it is making amazing food. And we LOVE the additional light.



  • I love it! And yes, it’s so nice to have additional light over the sink.

    Remember, I’ve got a 9 x 13 pan of cream cheese frosted banana cake in the freezer for new year’s (if anyone actually eats banana cake but this is spectacular banana cake and well worth trying.)

  • Love this post and the next! Thanks for being so on top of posting at You are awesome Cath. Thanks for all your hard work all year.
    Love, Mom