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2011 END???

Total Sweetness New Year's

Where did this year go?

Looking around at all the other blogs on the internet I just figured out that it’s the end of the year!

So this morning I’ve been looking around here at Home Hinges and I am shocked.  We managed to post, yes sometimes sporadically, for an entire year. But more shocking is how much we’ve done this year, how much we’ve grown, and how our family and world keep changing.

First project of the year: the Bungalow living room transformation.

We took the living room from this wood, dated, peeled wall paper mess.

To this:


At the beginning of the year April received a new camera.

This new toy has been the catalyst to improve the  photography for our family, capture more moments, and explore the world of Photoshop.

Princess Sledding

Some improvements: cropping,

DSC_0020 copy

playing with illustrator,

and using actions.

Hunter Mini Fusion and photoshopped copy

Kristen Mini fusion and photoshopped copy

Part of what I love about the blog is seeing how the kids grow up. Like this girl last year at Christmas:


has become this girl, this year, at Christmas:


At the beginning of the year all the sisters were making an effort at posting.  Brooke wrote about our Grandfather and his love of photography, and how he has influenced our lives.

grandpa's camera

Second major project of the year: April and the Sports Addict tore out their kitchen.
Going from this fancy kitchen:

Kitchen before a

To this fancy kitchen:


And in the mean time, Paula and Jim Dear tore out their porch.


In the month of April, life began again.


April’s house took on some gorgeous wood floors:

Stained pine plank floor

Sports began again

Ashton Kicking ball copy

And we celebrated Easter:


Apparently this was also around the time Buddy broke his arm.


May was a busy time for the Bungalow: It got trees, grass, and we started demolition on the kitchen.

One of the best things I discovered in May was how useful April’s posse is becoming landscaping crew yet.

And the best part about the kitchen is that it has gone from this:

to this:


In June Brooke and Catherine went on vacation to the Oregon Coast.  Very “Beautiful! Gorgeous! Wish you were here!”


Paula attended in spirit.


And summer was officially underway once the rodeo came to town.

Watching the Rodeo smaller

July was filled with kisses, kitchens, kids, and fireworks.

Loves from Xyla


August held new beginnings

and change


and some good-byes


September was a month of portraits, people, and peaches.






October was a backdoor, ballerinas, and the return of the Brooke.

Little ballerinas 2

November brought home Jens.


Nov062011_3799 copy


Some detail work was tended to:


Plus two birthdays: Miss baby, now known as Sparrow,


And Miss Sprite!


All the kids have grown so much, not to mention the adults.  Robear is through her first semester in a master’s program,


The Renovation Whisperer is building a house, April and the Sports Addict are growing their family and keeping up with their kids,


Brooke is continuing to save the world one franchise at a time.


Niel is half-way through dental school,


Paula and Jim Dear are trying get enough sleep to keep up with their two cute girls,

paula sleeping

Jens is home and starting college come January,


Squash is singing, and playing, and just got braces.  (Lucky girl.)


and I’m hoping to take a hiatus on house projects for a bit and just focus on my career.


In the coming year I hope we will have more posts, more pictures, and more people. I hope we’ll have good times with each other and build friendships apart. I hope for health and happiness. And relaxation:


And joy:


May you find all the love, peace, joy, health, happiness, and people you need in the coming year.