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Great Salt Lake 1-15-12

The other day Catherine, Squash and I decided we needed a break from regular life and impulsively jumped in the car and went to the beach for the afternoon. No, we haven’t relocated to California. We visited the beach at the Great Salt Lake.


The Great Salt Lake beach smells like a regular ocean beach with a salty tang on the air. It looks like a regular ocean beach with miles of wet sand and signs of animal and insect life. But even with these similarities, there is something different about this beach.


Maybe it is because the water in the Great Salt Lake is about 10 times more salty than the ocean. So everything that has been in the water or near the water is crusted with a white film of salt.

Or maybe it is the eerie stillness of the water and the lack of vegetation.


No matter what, the beach is a good place to go with your sisters.



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