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The basement apartment plumbing


April and I have been tending to some plumbing at the basement apartment.

Last week we worked on plumbing which involved removing the old traps, and the old fixtures for new fixtures.



We also put on new turn-off valves so that plumbing in the future can be more localized.


There are a few connections where the old and new meet that we need to tighten up, but then we should be able to move onto the electrical. Not that we’re excited to be moving past the glamor of plumbing.




  • I’m curious, what electrical do you need to do? Somehow I didn’t realize you were working on that too. You guys are pretty amazing in what you can do. Construction work skills are so useful.

  • I love April’s expression in the top photo-so cute! I wish I was brave enough to do some work upstairs on my own but I admit I’m scared that I’d mess it up and then we’d have no bathroom or kitchen sink upstairs.