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  • Aahhhhh…..a cute baby and a dog posts-careful, or we’ll be overwhelmed with sweetness! Babies and dogs-are there any more loving and loveable things than those two?

    On a different note,by myself, I took apart the hot water side of the upstairs bathroom sink. The cartridge wouldn’t budge. I asked my dad to please look at it. My dad couldn’t get it to budge. (Validation! I took everything apart just like I should, including turning off the valve under the sink. But even my dad agreed the cartridge was gone and unmovable.) My dad talked to Home Depot (old faucet was their brand) and they sold him a new faucet at half price when he took in the old faucet. Now I just hope he can put in the new bathroom faucet soon so we’ll have a bathroom sink again!