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Tough Baseboard Rounded Corners

Tough baseboard rounded corners and angles

I’ve recently finished 94% of the baseboards in my year long remodeling project.  I’m particularly proud of the difficult corners leading up to the stairs.  As you can see from the picture it took several tiny pieces to make the turns.

stair and baseboard rounded corners

I found doing the tiny pieces harder, due to the fact that I like my fingers where they are.  You see, with a large baseboard stretch, if I cut it too long, I could just shave off a little more on the saw.  But with a little piece, if I cut it slightly too big,  I had to cut a whole new piece to get it right.  (I believe in keeping my fingers at least 7″ from the blade while cutting.  Just a little rule I have.)    Not only are the tiny pieces harder to fit together, but having all the different angles to cut made for a lot of cuts… and re-cuts… and then more re-cuts after that.

Stairs baseboard rounded corners and angles used

Just a little caulking and paint, and my tricky baseboard rounded corners are beautiful.

painted baseboard rounded corners

I obviously need to finish painting the walls now, but considering the baseboard rounded corners were bare when we moved in…

future baseboard rounded corner projects

Future baseboard rounded corners project

How all the corners in my house looked originally

I think we’ve definitely improved things.



  • It’s gorgeous! And I appreciate that you keep your fingers 7″ away from the blade; fingers are very useful and we want you to keep all your fingers. I admit that baseboards aren’t even on my to do list.

    Jessica did help me install a deadbolt and it only took us a couple of hours to finally figure it out!

  • Awesome April. You are amazing! Please keep your delicate little fingers away from the scary blade. You’re doing so great!