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Our New Pet

A few weeks ago my husband, the sports addict, and I discovered we had added a new pet to the family. Not a real pet thank goodness. No it’s just the sound of a pet without the other aspects of upkeep.

What pet?

A parakeet.

A very loud parakeet! It twitters constantly. In fact I’m not sure our parakeet is even aware of all his twittering, but as long as he’s in the house there is a constant whistling wherever he goes.

Parakeet Hunter

He whistles while on the computer, or playing video games, or getting a snack, or doing his jobs, or getting dressed. Upstairs, downstairs, in between.

Even while waiting for a piece of grammy’s birthday cake.

Parakeet Hunter 2

Total Sweetness–the family’s new pet parakeet.