Clean up and de-Clutter

New Cleaning Cloths and Science Experiments

2011-08-24 Norwex 019

This is just a quick shout out about my newest purchase…Norwex cleaning cloths. I bought them on Friday after trying my neighbor’s. They’re these ultra-microfiber cloths with silver and they do an amazing job cleaning. I’ve been going a little hog wild experimenting.

Windows…so clear so quick
Brooke’s tub…I needed to see if I was getting positive results simply due to my water softener.
Kitchen…sure looks clean

I’m not using any chemicals. You’re not supposed to. Just water. They are supposed to eliminate the need for chemicals by removing micro organisms with their itty-bitty fibers, and then the organisms die on the cloth due to the interwoven micro-silver.

CB067972Someone else’s photo.  Hopefully I will have my own photo soon.

This is something I must test for myself, so I’m currently in the market for petri dishes and sterile swabs. I’m also looking for grandpa’s old microscope.  The cloths have proven they can make things look clean, but now I have to test their antimicrobial claims. Princess can help me and we’ll do it as her science fair project for next year.

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoyed my college microbiology class so many years ago?!



  • You might want to check out Utah Idaho supply for Petri dishes… I’ve always wanted to do that sort of experiment. Have fun!

  • Did you ever do the science fair project? I am helping my 8th grade daughter plan a science fair project and she was thinking about doing a project that tests cleaning cloths or possibly Lysol vs. germ fighting essential oil blend. I not sure what supplies we would need or how to test for the presence ( or absence) of germs. Is there a way to compare the amount of germs on a surface? We have a basic “blister” microscope with two changeable lenses (25 and 100x, I thonk). Any cleaning cloth or supplies project or microscope project suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you!