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No More Bright Baby Blue & My Favorite Drop Cloth

Table cloth drop cloth

Blue is a wonderful color, but maybe not this much blue.

blue room copy

Catherine recently helped me take the “blue room” in my house to a calmer grey.


One trick I’ve stumbled across purely by accident is that old vinyl table cloths make wonderful drop cloths over carpet.

Best drop cloth old tablecloth

You know…the kind that are fuzzy on the back. This approximately $5 red tablecloth from Walmart served us well for many months, but eventually needed to be replaced. That’s when, instead of throwing it out, I discovered how well it works as a drop cloth. The best part is that on carpet it stays put because of the velcro-like effect between the fuzzy back and the carpet fibers.


Its top is also non-absorbent, so if a big drip falls, it is easily wiped up, unlike a traditional fabric drop cloth, which absorbs the paint and can transfer a large spill through the fibers to the floor, something I learned the hard way.

Cath and I can really crank out a paint job when we set our mind to it. Between her cutting in and me rolling, we painted the whole room in two hours. (Or something like that…Time flies when we are having fun.)

This lovely color is Behr Gentle Rain. We didn’t bother priming first because we were just determined to be done, and the Behr paint did well covering the old blue.


We didn’t bother priming first because we were just determined to be done. In some light there is still a hint of blue to the gray walls, probably due to the blue underneath, but that’s ok. I like blue.  I just prefer it in smaller quantities.