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Capitol Reef National Park & Petroglyphs


Let me explain that I’m working my way backwards through our vacation.  It’s a bad habit I have with photos, technical manuals, and even some books.  So for posterity’s sake, let me explain that my posts are not in chronological order and any with OCD should stop reading now.  With that in mind,  we enjoyed Capitol Reef National Park after Bryce Canyon, but before Goblin Valley.

Before leaving Capitol Reef we stopped to see the the Petroglyphs on the canyon wall.


And snap a few photos…of course.  It was a cool, crisp morning and the shaded, orange canyon walls and fresh, spring, desert foliage begged to be the backdrop of just a few more portraits.


It was actually really cold while we were there in Southern Utah, something I didn’t anticipate. Luckily we brought along our jackets…just in case. The twins weren’t sticking around for pictures though.  Not as impressed by the petroglyphs as the rest of us, they rushed back to the warmth of the car as soon as I let them.


But Total Sweetness was my most devoted child. Not for the petroglyphs, but just as my trusty sidekick, hanging out with mom, dutifully enduring the endless picture taking.


What a sweet little guy!



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