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Fun and Snow at Bryce Canyon

Kristen Bryce Canyon copy
Missy K at Bryce Canyon

So much has happened over the last month and a half, not to mention I am supposed to have a baby in the next week. This little tidbit seems to have me in a hurry to finish lots of projects. One such project is documenting our family trip way back in April. We went to Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef National Park, and Goblin Valley State Park.

So here’s a quick peek at our experience at Bryce Canyon.
Bryce Canyon Inspiration Point touched-up copy

We arrived on a sunny afternoon back in April that quickly changed to…. Snow!?!

My memory of Bryce Canyon had been one of extreme heat and dry conditions. Just thinking about southern Utah conjures up associations of feeling like I’m going to die of heat exhaustion. So when I coached the kids on what to pack it was mostly t-shirts & shorts with a pair of long pants…just in case. Luckily we threw in jackets for everyone at the last minute, never expecting to use them.

Haaa haa.

Was I so totally wrong or what? It wasn’t too cold once we put a few layers on and started walking to all the view points. The wind nipped a bit though.

A quick rubbing of the cheeks can always help with some of the wind burn too.

DSC_0032 copy

So it was a little nippy, but I must say I thought it was perfect. I’d much rather see southern Utah when it’s cool than when it’s hot. I’m a total wimp when it comes to the sun and heat.

Missy L along the trail to one of the overlooks.
Loryn Bryce Canyon copy

I had to share this photo of Missy K’s hair. I’m quite proud of it. You see I’ve never been able to do anything more complicated than ponytails before, but after a lot of work I’m finally figuring out how to do french braids without getting my fingers and the hair all tangled up.

Kristen's awesome hair

You might notice my sweet Sports Addict just ahead of Missy K. Like me, he anticipated hot weather and only packed shorts. Ooops.

Missy L, racing ahead of everyone, was less happy about the weather. She obligatorily ran along most of the paths to get to the lookouts then ran back to the car, while I and my seven month pregnant self huffed and puffed from one lookout to another.

I’m going to blame it on the altitude.

My seven year old “Total Sweetness” was my trail buddy.  Even though he could have run along the paths and left me in the dust, he walked next to me most of the way, encouraging me along.  He truly is a sweet little guy.

Hunter at Inspiration Point

Yes the picture says 8100 feet above sea level.

My oldest Buddy is our joker. He’s in that silly, pre-teen boy stage. So when he saw the opportunity for this shot he took it.


Don’t worry. No child was endangered in this photo. He’s just crouched down on the trail leading into the canyon. But that’s my little guy. Who thinks of photos like this but a twelve year old boy?

On the other hand, my ten year old Princess found every photo opportunity as a glamour shot.

Allison Bryce Canyon copy

That was until she tripped on a trail.


But no matter the weather, we had a great time at Bryce Canyon, …freezing our little tails off.


Fam at Bryce Canyon