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Pool at Ruby’s Inn


As part of my ongoing collection of photos from Spring Break 2012, I thought I’d include some of the fun ones from our time at Ruby’s Inn just outside Bryce Canyon, Utah.

My sports addict always tries to find hotels with a pool when we travel.  His search criteria is usually the cheapest with a pool.

Being seven months pregnant at the time, I opted not to toss my little hippo self into the pool, but took pictures of all the fun instead.

Buddy recently got a water football for his birthday that he and Total Sweetness brought along.




And the twins had a fun time floating around in their life preservers. It makes it a lot more fun for them in the pool to not be confined to the shallow steps, or dependent on someone else to keep them afloat.

Girls in pool at Ruby's Inn copy

Princess had fun chasing after the windup, diver toy Total Sweetness got last summer in North Carolina.


And once again posing for all her glamour shots.