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Portraits from Vacation

It is once again time to update everyone’s family pictures. Another year has gone by and I need new portraits of the kids. So once again I’m attempting to take some of my own. This time I thought the extreme location portraits from our recent vacation would be fun. Here’s how some of them have turned out.

The first three were all taken at Bryce Canyon National Park.

Missy K

Kristen Bryce Canyon portrait copy


Allison Bryce Canyon copy

Missy L
Loryn Bryce Canyon Portrait copy

Not all the kids had good photos from our vacation so here’s a before pic of my Total Sweetness at the park near our home. I say this is the “before pic” because I’m quite happy with how my Photoshopping-out-the-kid-in-the-background turned out.


Hunter @ neptune park portrait copy

Aahhh…so much better to just focus on my sweet TS.

I’m still working on getting a good one of my sweet Buddy.  He has a knack for pulling faces.  And I might see if there is a different one of Missy L where her glasses don’t get in the way.  Thankfully Missy K’s photo turned out well.  She currently has some unfortunate road rash on her face from a recent skateboard accident.  You win some and lose others.  Eventually “I’ll get you all my pretties!”