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Missing in Mansfield


One of the things that I did while MIA was go to Mansfield, MO where Laura Ingalls Wilder and Almonzo Wilder lived out their final years. The white house behind me? Oh, that’s where the books were written!

Well, the books that weren’t written here:


This house is known as the “Rock House” and was built by Rose Wilder for her parents. It’s just down the road from the white house that Almonzo and Laura built.

I couldn’t take pictures inside the house so we have to settle for these exterior shots, but inside was cool.


This door is an original and is heavy and awesome.

So while missing, I visited Missouri and the Little House Museum, definitely a high light of my summer.


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  • Awesome. I’ve always wanted to see some little house on the prairie stuff. Laura Ingalls – my source of all early American history. 😉