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Happy New Year 2013 Everyone!

Happy New Year

Last year was great with some great ups and a few downs as normal life goes.  Our family tradition is to count down to midnight, then go out on the porch with pots and pans and bang out the old year and ring in the new year as loudly as we can. The kids would probably keep going for far too long, loving this tradition as they do, but never fear, we keep it to only a minute or two because we really like our neighbors and they like us.

hunter new years copy

TS wishes everyone a in the neighborhood a Happy New Year!

Oh yeah…so do the rest of us, only with not quite so much gusto.


Somewhere else in the neighborhood others were making noise too. Jim Dear and Darling (Paula) watch some neighbor’s fireworks burst above the houses.

Thanks for keeping my baby warm and plugging her ears through this craziness Paula.

Happy New Year everyone.

The sisters of Home Hinges