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Real Human Food…The Joy of Graham Crackers

I am pretty sure I look something like this when I eat graham crackers.


There’s something about their grainy, sweet, crunchy-ness that turns on the Cookie Monster inside of me. I’m talking about the real Cookie Monster from my childhood, not the new-fangled “Veggie Monster” version.

A certain Miss Dog really wanted some too.


I mean REALLY wanted some.


She was pretty thrilled to catch any and all flying, slobbery crumbs.


Oh the joy of real human food!
Happy Eating sweet baby.


  • Cute baby and cute dog! And, ha, ha, the perfect timing! We rarely have graham crackers around (we tend to lean more towards the buttery townhouse and/or ritz crackers) and we’ve actually been munching on an open pack of graham crackers this week.