Lawn and Garden Photography

Summer Memories – Humming Birds

While a winter storm billows and blows outside, I thought I’d go through some of my old summer photos.


Last summer a pair of humming birds created their nest on a small branch in the tree off our front porch.
Every once in a while they would change direction as they sat huddled in their nest during a rain storm.


It was truly amazing to watch these tiny birds fly back and forth to their nest.  Inside their tiny nest were some itty bitty eggs, but I didn’t take pictures of them because that would require disturbing their little perch.


I’m sure they appreciated me taking their photos from a distance with the zoom lens.

A miraculous glimpse of nature in our own little yard.

They’re gone now.  They left shortly after these photos were taken.  Hopefully our yard was a nice home for them while they needed it, and hopefully we will see more of them again one day.

Until then…Happy freezing cold January!