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The Name Game


We used to play a lot of games as a family when we got together – board games, card games, etc. But as April and Paula kept adding children to the mix, the number of games went down. It was too hard with small babies who needed constant attention and liked to randomly grab anything in front of them. As the children grew, they were too small to really understand and play the games, but wanted very badly to be part of the “adult crowd.” So the games faded out of our activities, except for one game….The Name Game.


This game can be played with a variety of ages. It doesn’t take a lot of skill other than to remember all the various names and guess who would have picked that name. The children love it because they get to play with the adults and by the end of the game pretty much everyone is laughing, which is always much better than everyone in tears.

How to play:

1) Everyone picks a name and writes it on a small piece of paper. (Sometimes you can pick a theme like all Disney characters or only historical people, but sometimes we don’t put any restrictions on the name and people (generally small people) choose really wacky and bizarre names.)

2) One of the players (or a moderator) then gathers up all the names in a bowl and reads them all out to the other players, twice, and only twice.

3) The players sit in a circle and then take turns guessing who picked which name. A player only gets to guess one name on each turn, unless they guess correctly. If the player guesses correctly, then the player whose name was guessed joins the “team” of the player who guessed his or her name. The player’s turn continues until they make a guess that is incorrect.


This sounds relatively simple, but the more people you have the more names you must remember. Eventually you have large teams competing against each other until everyone is on the winning team. The best part of this game is that everyone is a winner in the end which works really well when you are playing with a lot of fun, but competitive children.

Sunday we played this game at my house. Luckily, I joined TS’s team relatively early so I had the opportunity to snap a few pictures.