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Twin Outfits


This may have been mentioned before, but after April had Buddy, she started telling everyone that she wanted twins because they are 2 for 1 – two kids, one pregnancy. No one in the family or extended family has twins, so we told her that this was probably not going to happen.

However, the Gods must have been smiling on April. I received a phone call from her while I was at work a couple months after she found out she was pregnate for the 4th time. She had just had her first ultrasound. We had been down this pregnancy road before, so I thought it was suspicious that she called. Plus, she sounded so gleeful on the phone. So I guessed the most ludicrous thing possible: “Are you having twins?” When the answer was, “Yes!” I couldn’t help but be just as excited. 5 years later, April and the Sports Addict were sufficiently recovered from the excitement (read this as hard work) that is twins.

Speaking of twins, Missy L and Missy K are the best and funniest twins that I know. (Admittedly, I don’t know a lot of twins.) So a couple of months ago, I promised to take Missy K and Missy L out to buy “twin outfits.”

This was partially due to the fact that Missy L and Missy K had started kindergarten. They are in different classes (for several reasons), but they had to be convinced of why this separation should occur. One of the techniques was being told that they could then wear “twin outfits” (aka matching outfits) to school. As true girls, the promise of new clothes did wonders for convincing them that separate classes would be okay.


Our shopping expedition was a lot of fun. In the end, after several different outfits, the Missies decided that Hello Kitty was a fashion statement they wanted to make in kindergarten. It helps that Hello Kitty almost exclusively favors the color pink.

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