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Christmas Door Remodel


April is ambitious when it comes to projects. I have had a small hole in a ceiling for almost 3 years that I can’t seem to find the time to patch. But April wouldn’t even see that as a project. (Notice the door behind the cute baby and children gathered around the tree? Look hard, it is just barely seen in the righthand corner. That was gone shortly after this picture was taken.)


Since moving into their larger home, April has tackled many projects: bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, and furniture remodels. So the fact that she wanted to move her garage door from the living room into the laundry room was a minor project.


So when better to do this “minor project”? Hmmm…how about Christmas morning? Who doesn’t remodel on Christmas morning, right?!?


After the craziness that is Christmas morning with 6 children, 1 teenager and 8 adults. April and Niel with some “help” from Jens moved a door and patched the wall in the living room. So basically, Christmas morning there was a door next to the Christmas tree and by the end of the morning there was a wall instead.


They framed up the door opening with 2x4s. (Do not be fooled…when I say “they” I really mean “Niel”. Jens just picked up a hammer or drill when April was snapping the pictures; making us all laugh, including Niel.)


They then put up remnants of sheetrock that April just happened to have in her garage.

And suddenly there was a wall.


Since Christmas, April has taped, sanded, texturized, painted, and re-texurized the wall…


If it wasn’t for the patch of laminate on the floor by where the door was and the rogue lightswitch in the middle of the wall, you wouldn’t have any idea there ever was a door there.

Personally I am looking forward to the project for next Christmas…Tiling the bathroom? New windows? A deck? I am sure that April has endless projects swirling around in her brain…can’t wait to see what happens.