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2 Minute Project: Easy Valentine’s Day Wreath

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A couple of days ago I posted about April’s wreath made from a project she and Paula saw on Pinterest. Well not to be outdone, Catherine and I decided to make our own “pinto” wreaths. But the thought of using teenie, tiny, pinto beans did not really appeal. Plus, I wanted a Valentine’s Day wreath.

Materials and Tools for Valentine’s Day Wreath:

  • Large bag of candy conversation hearts
  • Straw wreath
  • Spray paint in color of your choice
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Newspaper or cardboard to work on and spray paint on to protect other surfaces


We found a large (very large…costco worthy…) sized bag of candy conversation hearts and straw wreaths. We then got out the glue guns and went to work (with help from Squaush, Stacie, Melinda and Robear).


I was right about not going with the pinto beans…my fingers were burned multiple times just while gluing the hearts…


It was easier and faster to do the gluing with a partner. Catherine and Melinda were speedy, but in the end we both got our wreaths covered in delicious heart-shaped sugar.


I actually really liked the look of the wreath at this point, but since I wanted this to be a response wreath and I had not painted or covered the straw wreath before gluing on the hearts, we did spray paint them.

Joy & Wreath


As you can see, Catherine and I were inspired by the 80s. She went witht the classic baby blue and I went for hot pink. (I kind of love that hot pink is hot again.)


We then glued on letters because April had put a large D on her wreath.



Lastly, we enlisted the help of Robear. She was great at making us some extra fluffy bows. Its Valentine’s…go big or go home!

Happy Valentine’s Day wreath!

blue valentine's day wreath on door copy