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Tim Lincecum aka Emperor Kuzco

I’m not much of a sport fan, but my dear sports fanatic husband is.  Some sport is almost constantly playing on our tele.  So the first time I happened to walk by and see Tim Lincecum pitching baseball I had to do a double take.

Tim & Kuzco
Photo by Ezra Shaw

Thats right.  It was Emperor Kuzco in the flesh.

That was enough to snag me into watching. Way to go MLB. You caught another fan. I sat watching, not so patiently, for more closeups. Those darn camera guys kept switching around though. The pitcher, the batter, some little kid in the stands, the whole field, the guys in the dugout. Enough already! I just wanted to see my favorite cartoon character. Pretty much every angle confirmed my initial response. Take off the big earrings, and switch the gold crown for a baseball cap, and Tim Lincecum is Emperor Kuzco.

Now whenever baseball is on, I check to see if it’s the Giants. They are my favorite baseball team now. If Lincecum is pitching I might even watch for five minutes.
Hey…I haven’t changed that much.