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Let There Be Light…In the Laundry Room

So I’ve lived here for three+ years wishing the laundry room had more light.  What was it’s problem?

This!…This was it’s problem.


Why you ask? Well the laundry room is a substantial sized room in our house. It doubles as a storage room, mudroom, rabbit habitat, and catch all. Three little lights highlighting the corners of the room just haven’t been cutting it.

This was my answer.
And There Was Light!


Ok, Ok. I know it’s just the standard ceiling fixture. Nothing amazing or awe inspiring, but it immediately made a difference in the lighting of the room. So who ever thought the other fixture was a good idea? No clue. I’m just excited to look at my laundry and be able to tell if it is clean or dirty, without having to walk into the kitchen. (Ok..that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea.)

I’d like to add some can lights in the future, or even just a second light fixture like this, but for now I’m happy.

Quick lesson learned: Change the fixture sooner rather than later.  It’s worth every penny.

Ahhh… Light.