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Molding vs Moulding

black mold vs decorative wood moulding

black mold vs decorative wood moulding

Is it moulding…or is it molding?

May the great molding vs moulding debate begin.

In the past, when I’ve needed to describe the beautiful stuff I like to put around doors and windows, and at the bottom of walls, I’ve scratched my head, taken a guess, and moved on with my life. But not this time! This time I need answers.


Let me start out by saying I love Google, but in this instance it completely failed me. I found sites using both spellings. So the question became, who out there is misspelling the word for wood trim? Which ones are the idiots, and which ones know their stuff? (I say this in the kindest way possible because I am often one of those idiots. Spelling is a real weakness for me and I live in terror of one day really botching something up by misspelling something really important, like the name of a company.)

Well today I finally decided to set the record straight and turned to my faithful friend,  something I should have done ages ago.  Determined to find out once and for all who is spelling it right and who is wrong, I self-righteously typed in “moulding” and guess what?

They are both correct!

“Moulding” is the British spelling and  “molding” is the US spelling, like color versus colour.  (I’m sensing a trend with the “u”.) [Editorial note: Remember that spelling issue I talked about earlier. Well it nipped me in the backside again. In the previous sentence I originally used verse instead of versus. These u’s are really out to get me. Thanks reader LCM for catching it for me.]

So the question is which one do I like better? Since I’m American I should probably accept the “molding” version, and move on with my life, but I prefer the British spelling so as not to confuse my beautiful, decorative moulding

Front door moulding and baseboards
So Pretty!

with something growing black, fuzzy stuff (molding).


See the difference people? I sure do. Maybe those British know what they’re doing throwing an extra “u” in the word. At least in this case. Now color is a different story.

[Editorial Note: This post was originally published on Feb. 20, 2012. But today I went back and spruced it up a bit. Because I wanted to.]