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3 Outdoor Blinds and Shades for Your Home

3 Outdoor Blinds and Shades For Your Home

Outdoor blinds and shades are used against harsh sun and wind conditions that gained popularity everywhere. These blinds and shades give a classic and stylish look to your home when installed. It can stand any season, but it is not recommended to be left down in storms or any severe weather conditions.



Different materials have been developed in producing blinds and shades. There are canvas, rip block and PVC. Different designs, colours and styles also came up, from plain material to a combination of materials. Its type of mechanism also changed, from rope and pulley, to a crank handle operation, to motorised awnings.

Outdoor blinds and shades

Things to consider before buying Outdoor blinds

  • Make sure that the blinds and shades can stand wind, rain, and sunlight but not in severe situations.
  • Check the opacity of the shade and blinds. Opacity levels represent openness percentage of the blinds and shades. A high opacity level means wider weave of the material of the shade and allows more light to pass through.
  • See if the blinds and shades can prevent insects to enter the sunroom, porch, patio or deck. Enjoying the outdoors without worries on bugs and insects is a must!
  • Outdoor shades and blinds should filter the strong and harmful sunlight while enjoying outdoor views.

Types of Blinds and Shades

Rope and Pulley Blinds

This type of blinds is affordable and easily adjusted with ropes. It comes in different kinds of materials and colours. Canvas drop blinds are very practical and inexpensive. It provides privacy and very functional in protecting entertainment areas. This type of drop blinds is ideal for DIY projects since it can be easily assembled and installed in your own home.

Outdoor blinds and shades

Deluxe Blinds

The deluxe drop blinds are usually operated with the use of a gearbox and a detachable crank handle making it easy to operate. Some deluxe drop blinds can also be motorised. Check if there are deluxe blinds that are also available with guide rods and guide tracks, these make the blinds sturdier in strong windy conditions.


Deluxe blinds are available in different types of materials; acrylic canvas, rip block and PVC. Each type of material carry different guarantee, for example, acrylic canvas carries a 5-year guarantee. In this case, buying an acrylic canvas deluxe blind can give you a five-year assurance of quality material. Buying expensive blinds should be an investment and it could save you from buying new blinds for the next five years.

Shade Sails

Shade sails are modernised colourful shades for your home. It varies in different shapes, sizes, material, and thickness depending on your needs. They are usually made from shade cloth ranging from 80-100% water resistant. You can install this by yourself, or your local store can offer installation for you. This type of shade is also available in retractable or removable format if you prefer to have it taken down at times.


These are just the top three outdoor blinds and shades that every home-owner should own. By taking the things above into consideration as guide, it will help you decide to find the right outdoor shade and blind for your verandas, patios, porches or deck to enjoy the outdoor living space in your home.

Guest Author: Alana SouthwellAlana Southwell 

Alana Southwell is the lead content curator for All Weather Blinds. As a home improvements enthusiast, she has written several articles on DIY improvements and renovations. She shares her expertise in this guest post on the types of outdoor blinds and shades that would be good for your home. She is also an enthusiast of arts and crafts wherein she has a lot of experiences. You can catch her via Twitter: @Alana_Southwell




  • If you’re getting outdoor blinds, it makes sense that you should try to find some that can hold up well under various weather conditions. I’ve been considering getting some for my home lately, and that’s going to be one of the first things I check. It rains here pretty frequently, so getting something that isn’t going to be ruined by that would be ideal.