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8 Essential Handyman Tools

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Every home needs some basic handyman tools. The right tools can ease the workload and help finish the job in the most satisfying way and within the allotted time. Here are some of the basic but essential handyman tools that every tool kit should have.


There are different types of hammers available for different, specialized jobs. A claw hammer is the most common type of hammer and it can be used extensively around the house. Besides driving nails it can also help levering floorboards, fitting parts or breaking objects apart.

Handyman tools - screwdriver set


Whether its electronics you’re dealing with or old furniture, screws are everywhere so every person should have at least one type of screwdriver in their home. Sometimes screws exist in tight or obstructed spaces so having a stubby screwdriver is a must. To extend your reach, you may have to use long and skinny screwdrivers. You will also need to have flat head screw drivers in your kit. Star headed screwdrivers are a must regardless of what you are working on. Battery operated screwdrivers will significantly reduce the effort you need to put in for the job.


Adjustable wrenches are a great tool to work with nuts and bolts. Adjustable wrenches can be used on nuts and bolts, pipes and screws of different sizes to tighten or loosen them, according to the need. When using the wrench, the jaw of the wrench should be in complete contact with the nut or pipe so that the wrench will not slip off while you are working. Select quality wrenches with lifetime warranty for your kit.

essential handyman tools -- pliers and wrenches among


If your work includes changing hoses, electrical wires or connectors, having pliers is mandatory. It is easy to pull out wires and cut them with the help of pliers. There are different types of pliers for different works. You can include regular pliers, vise grips and needle nose pliers in the tool kit to do various repair works. Vise grips are especially useful to hold various parts in position.

handyman tools - drills


Drills are needed by any home owner to drill holes for various needs like hanging photos, to tighten the fixtures or to assemble different furniture. Cordless drills are convenient to carry and ease to maneuver. You can get different drill bits with a drill set to use for particular needs.


Ratchets are an important tool especially for tinkering with your car. Ratchets are available in three basic sizes like small, medium and large, and this allows handling of any nut and bolt on any type of vehicle. You will be able to use the ratchet in areas where the regular wrench cannot reach. You will have to apply only minimal effort to tighten or remove the bolts using the ratchet.

Bench Vise

Most of the repair work implies cutting, welding, sanding, filing, etc. of metal or wooden parts. A bench vise helps you to hold the items firmly in position with ease. This tool will help you to make precise cutting and filing with ease. It can be used for home repair needs as well as for auto repair needs.

Breaker Bars

When you want to create more torque than the regular socket wrench to loosen the fasteners, you can use breaker bars. Breaker bar has a long metal pipe with a socket wrench attached to one end. This is very useful for tire replacement and when you need to loosen the bolts. Breaker bars come with different handle lengths to suit for different jobs.

You need to include all these tools in your handyman tools kit to make your job easier. You also need to select quality tools from reliable manufacturers to ensure that the items are sturdy and will last long.



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