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Thank You to the Officer Who Didn’t Give Me A Ticket

Police officer who didn't give me a ticket

A big thank you to the officer who didn’t give me a ticket the other night. I sincerely thank you so much.

I don’t know who you are so I can’t name you specifically. I guess you’re probably part of the Lehi Police Department, or maybe the Utah County Sheriff’s office. All I know is you were the one driving the big police truck I almost hit in a moment of confusion. That’s right. I almost hit a police officer. It was a strange intersection, on a newly rerouted set of roads near my home. I thought my lane was going the wrong way and cut you off, very badly, trying to correct myself. It was bad driving. I completely own that, and maybe that is part of the reason you didn’t end up giving me a ticket. I admitted my mistake. Only a moron would argue against what I did, and thankfully I’m not a moron. It was bad driving. I was completely in the wrong, and I sincerely told you I was so sorry.

Thank you for listening to my flawed reasoning too. It made me feel better to explain to you my split second thoughts during that moment of confusion. You see, I’m not usually a bad driver. In fact I haven’t had any traffic violations since I was 16. (Except for that out-of-state speeding ticket last year. But that was out-of-state so I don’t count it.) Otherwise, my slate is clean. And maybe that’s also why you didn’t give me a ticket. Perhaps you saw my 20+ years as a good driver and didn’t want to spoil it. In that case, thank you again.

Or maybe you noticed my daughter sitting sweetly beside me. You asked us where we were headed and I told you to an activity together. I didn’t elaborate, but I’m sure you could tell it was a mother-daughter activity. In fact we had a wonderful time at the dinner with friends and neighbors from our church. Getting a ticket would definitely have dampened the evening, so thank you again for not giving me that well deserved ticket in front of my daughter.

And while I’m thanking people, much thanks to the friends who noticed us pulled over on the side of the road on your way to the same activity. Thank you for being kind and discrete, and laughing with me about my moment of shame rather than at me. Laughing about it helped to lessen the embarrassment and hearing your similar stories relieved the anxiety of the experience. We’ve all had our moments, deserved or undeserved.

But the one I owe the greatest thanks to is Heavenly Father for watching over and protecting us during that scary moment on the road. I pray everyday that you will watch over and protect my family, and I appreciate your watchful care the other night. We so easily could have been in an accident, and due to the size of the police officer’s truck compared to our little car, I know who would have come out the loser in that scenario. I know situations like this one happen everyday, and sometimes the accident is spared and sometimes it isn’t, but much thanks for sparing us this time. And thank you for softening the heart of the police officer, whose truck I almost hit, to not give me a ticket.