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How to Jazz Up a Living Room – 5 Creative Ways

How to jazz up a living room - 5 creative ways

Just because you do not have the budget to do a renovation does not mean that you will have to endure the dreary look of your living room. So how to jazz up a living room on a budget? There are tons of simple, creative ways to jazz up your living space and improve your home without breaking your bank. If you want to witness some magic, here are some tricks you may want to try.

#1 – Get rid of the clutter

How to Jazz up a Living Room - Declutter

One of the proven ways to make your living room, or any part of your home, look more aesthetically appealing is to de-clutter it. Organize your shelves, get rid of clutter and store away items that are not exactly needed in the living room such as your kids’ toys. Also, it is always good to give your space some regular cleaning, especially the windows and floors, and every nook and cranny.

#2 – Re-arrange the furniture

How to jazz up a living room

Come up with a new furniture arrangement while keeping in mind the available space. Re-arrange in a way that it would make the room more functional or would let more sunlight in. For instance, if you have a huge bookshelf that separates your living room and your dining area, try to get it off the way. Put it against a wall, and you will notice that the room will appear brighter and more spacious.

#3 – Dress Your Windows, But Let the Light In

How to jazz up a living room - light

Hanging a new set of curtains will make a drastic change to the overall vibe of the room. Take down the old heavy drapes and replace them with light-colored and airy ones to brighten up the space. You can even try on floral designs for a change! Also, add some lighting. You can get a simple table lamp or just redirect your existing lighting to a different focal point. Additionally, you can strategically hang a large mirror where it can be hit by the sun. This will not only enhance the appeal and natural lighting, but it will also create an impression of having more space.

#4 – Add Some Nature



Plants bring in the “freshness” in the room. Flowering plants will add some color, but these require more care and attention in terms of watering and exposing them to the sun every now and then. Nonetheless, you can also go for less “demanding” types of plants such as Aloes, Pothos, Spider Plant, Snake Plant, Ficus and several others. These may not produce beautiful flowers but it’s always nice to have some touch of greens. And, a lot of these plants can help purify indoor air.

#5 – Bring in the Colors


One easy way to liven up the living room is through paint. You can give your walls a fresh coat, or you can simply create just a single accent wall. Choose a focal point, and paint it with a contrasting color from the rest of the walls. You may choose a bolder hue to let it stand out even more.

There are several other ways you can do to bring back the life in your living room which is very important especially if you’re planning to sell it and expecting a home inspection. Your imagination is the limit. You may come up with a theme for your interior design and work from there. Be creative. Experiment! It’s your home after all, so do whatever makes you happy! Good luck and enjoy!


How to jazz up a living room Mark Brandon is a DIY builder with many experiences in home renovation and home inspection. He is the lead content curator for Safe and Sound Property Inspections and a contributor to other home improvement and home inspection sites. You can catch him via Twitter: @DIYMarkBrandon