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Must Have Power Tools For Your DIY Toolkit


Not every guy or gal likes dwelling in the world of tools and repairs. We understand. But if you love making small improvements and fixes and saving a few hundred dollars per month doing them yourself, then this is the article for you.

Power tools have made our life easier and allow even amateurs to build, fix, and create much easier and quicker. They are multipurpose and powerful and, far more convenient. So here is a list of the must have power tools we think every “fix-it” person should have.

Dewalt power drill

Power Drill

The ones from DeWalt 18 V driver is a big punch inside a small compact cabinet. This is a cordless tool and also speaking about similar ones, which offer greater reliability and convenience in working in small spaces and also for long hours. As it is battery driven, which lasts more than a day, there is no hassle in maneuvering wires and cords. This also has added advantage of carrying it anywhere you desire and get your job done. It works with a variety of materials and with the appropriate set of attachments depending on your application, you can do a lot of fastening, loosening and drilling operations. DeWalt DC970K is one of the most popular cordless drills out there and you might also find similar models from Bosch.



Sawzall is the popular name for another essential tool called the reciprocating saw. When it comes to building and fixing things, often you will also find the need to remove and

demolish the old one. A reciprocating saw does just that owing to a special set of blades corresponding to the job at hand. It can chip through walls, wooden cabinets, tubes and plumbing pipes, metals and whatever. It can be used for scraping and pruning trees, which is one of its most popular uses. It delivers great power and durability offering 1-3000 strokes per minute using a 12 A motor. The gear protecting clutch helps improve the lifespan of the motor and bushing. It also comes with Quik-Lok that allows you to change blades without any tool and hassle. The 6519-31 Sawzall is the most popular one in the market.


Multipurpose Oscillating Tool

The next best and, perhaps, the most essential tool is the multipurpose oscillating tool. It is the father of all as it can do everything using just the right set of blades. You could remove grout, scrape paint from the wall, cut through wall, trees, wood, tubes and demolish objects using this one machine. The oscillating tool consists of very small but ultra-fast vibrators whose oscillating mechanism deals with all these tasks. Of course, you need only a small set depending on your kind of job, but Rockwell RK5102K is a pack of 72 attachments held by a 2.3A motor in the bushing.

There are other devices like Miter Saw, Circular Saw that are mostly required for carpentry and woodwork like making cabinets and tables. In all, these few tools are the must have power tools for the do-it-yourself guys and gals out there.


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