Top 10 Best Office Chairs

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An office chair is not just a random piece of furniture to put in front of your desk and sit on when working. Instead, you have to see things from a different perspective. Keep in mind that you will use this chair for at least eight hours everyday. That is almost half of your awake-time. From many points of view, you will spend half of your office life on this chair. Therefore, it does pay off to invest in a solid unit that will make your life easier. Then, what kind of elements should you pay attention to? What makes one office chair better than another? The following are some things to consider when looking for the best office chairs.

Adjustability is a must

The level of adjustability is critical when buying an office chair. Why? Simple. Different people have different sizes. What works for a friend of yours or an office colleague will not always work for you as well. It might work, but only if everything is adjustable. You have to keep your soles straight on the ground and maintain a perfectly straight angle between legs and thighs.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is a perfect example. This is one of the most adjustable office chairs you can find in commerce. You can adjust the height, padded arms, tilt and even lumbar support. But there is a hefty price to go with it. For an itty-titty bit less try the Herman Miller Mirra office chairs

The same goes for Boss B991-CP Heavy Duty, which allows tilt control, height adjustability and heavy duty uses but for a fraction of the price.

But if money is no object for your comfort, Herman Miller Embody Chair stands up in the crowd as well. The luxury model has a patented tilt technology allowing users to lean forward or recline without altering the lower back support.

Elegance and style should never miss

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If you want comfort, you can just as well get a couch in there or perhaps a bed. None of these options is too professional and elegant though. An elegant appearance is underlined by quality materials. They must be professional and stylish. Keep in mind that quality materials will not only add to your style, but also to the overall durability. With these ideas in mind, Whalen Furniture WC-594 Breckenridge Wood & Leather Executive Chair can make the difference. Its name is self explanatory – it is executive.

However, the style can go farther. Serta 43506 Executive Chair is deep and covered in all kinds of cushioned layers. It is the type of chair that you can turn around and hide in it. It’s imposable profile adds to its style.

viva office chair

Viva Office Chair offers an extremely wide range of motion.

Made of bonded leather, VIVA OFFICE High Back Office Chair is worth a little attention as well. Although it looks simplistic, it is sturdy and large enough to guarantee for a comfortable, yet stylish experience.

Lumbar support is a health investment


Without lumbar support, your office chair becomes worthless. Unless you spend a few hours a day in it, chances are you will end up with back pains sooner or later. Then, what does lumbar support mean? Take a look at Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Chair and you will understand. This model has a contoured seat cushion, as well as a molded backrest.

Alera Elusion chair

Alera Ravino Chair takes lumbar support even farther with its push pillow top seat and back for luxury comfort.

Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore II is built according to the human back shape, but it also allows adjusting pretty much everything – from head support to tilt tension.81lkPyz8lRL._SY355_

Finally, do not forget about DXRacer MX0/NC Gaming Chair either. Headrest and lumbar cushions make the difference, not to mention the sporty, yet comfortable profile.

In the end, the best office chairs vary widely in design, features, and price, so take your time to figure what you truly need before making a final choice.


Julia JhulesJulia Jhules writes about furniture and design. Thanks for this informative and helpful article Julia.