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    Tuck Point

    August 19th, 2013

    Davenport house

    This is the wall in the basement of the house where I’m staying. It’s a very old wall.

    Davenport house

    Davenport house

    And this is what is happening to the wall. It is being filled with a wall cement.  After filling the holes we’ll run a skim coat over the whole wall to make it “pretty.”  After it dries we’ll paint with a water barrier paint and call it good. Then we just have to fix the other walls in the basement.

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    Missing in Mansfield

    August 24th, 2012


    One of the things that I did while MIA was go to Mansfield, MO where Laura Ingalls Wilder and Almonzo Wilder lived out their final years. The white house behind me? Oh, that’s where the books were written!

    Well, the books that weren’t written here:


    This house is known as the “Rock House” and was built by Rose Wilder for her parents. It’s just down the road from the white house that Almonzo and Laura built.

    I couldn’t take pictures inside the house so we have to settle for these exterior shots, but inside was cool.


    This door is an original and is heavy and awesome.

    So while missing, I visited Missouri and the Little House Museum, definitely a high light of my summer.


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    The benefit of a break

    August 19th, 2012


    Dear Gentle Readers,

    Which is to say, hello to anyone who bothers to swing by here considering most of us have been MIA for the past two months, and some of us, myself included, have been absent for well near nine months. Today is the first day, in such a long time, that I have the urge to sit at my desk and work. And in that very long time, this is the first time that the “work” to be done seems fun.

    Remember when we used to take pictures and post them, it became work.  Remember when I had a career and teaching was my passion, oh right, that was also work. But I’ve had a summer off from work, and a good creative break such that my mind is full again of things to tinker with, and my camera again has photos of people and places.

    The picture above was taken at the Utah State Capitol Building on Aug 16, 2012.  It’s a sunset, but it feels like a new dawn.



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    Camping in the Great Basin, UT

    April 5th, 2012


    Brooke, Xyla, and I escaped to the desert for an overnight camp trip this past weekend. We made our way out to the Little Sahara National Recreation area in South West Utah.


    We managed to find a great developed site and set up for the evening.


    The night was beautiful, perfect temperature and the sky was incredible, even better than these pictures can capture. And it was fun to try and capture some shots with the camera.


    Me gusta having a tripod!

    Mar312012_4946 copy

    Xyla was a devoted beggar all night.

    And in the morning we took in the west desert.


    Including some sheep that managed to escape their fence. One way to know it’s spring, all the sheep had lambs, cute baby lambs.

    Sheep, animal

    I even claimed this sheep:

    Despite the fact that there had only been 10 days since the last serious accident,


    We were totally safe, had a great time, and would definitely return.

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    Happy Trails to You

    March 16th, 2012


    Xyla and I have been enjoying the great outdoors in the form of hiking various trails around salt lake. We apologize for being absentee for the last bit, but we needed a break. As we are started to come back to life, with the spring weather, we’ve gone to Tanner Park, an off-leash dog area. And to Memory grove, which also has an off-leash area. Xyla loves the freedom and meeting dogs.


    I love the freedom and not being tethered to a crazy dog.

    Tanner park

    Hope you’re finding your freedom this weekend.

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    2 months +

    February 9th, 2012


    Do you see that baby in Jens’ lap?  She is growing up.  Our cute little sprite is now more than two months and is so awake.


    We like her.

    Grs pic

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    Xyla is 4

    February 8th, 2012


    Today is Xyla’s fourth birthday.

    We are going to celebrate by going to the park to throw the ball.

    Xyla and ball

    We may also pick up a new collar and some food.

    Happy Birthday Xyla!

    You are a good dog and we all love you.

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    A Year and a Day

    January 24th, 2012


    Today, in fact this post, makes 366 HomeHinges posts.  We have enough posts to make a full year and a day, or a leap year. I’m just saying, that’s quite the accomplishment.

    That and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. One of the greatest joys of this blog, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned more than a few dozen times, is watching our family interact and grow. It is fun to ask, “What was going on a year ago?” and then go to the blog and see. It is interesting to see the focus of the posts, the projects, the way everyone looked.

    Last year at this time I was working on remodeling the living room, and now this year at this time I am sitting in that remodeled living room. Even more than that, I have a new kitchen, which if asked about a year ago, I would have said, “um, that’s not in the cards.” I guess it is curious to me to see our lives take shape and be able to review expectations and reality.

    This week I’ve also been thinking a lot about cliches. They can seem so over used until life thrusts you into the middle of one and then it seems momentous. Like I’ve been thinking about how everything works out for the best, but you can’t plan for life. Oh, so cliche. And yet here I am living a life that is better than I could hope and yet more complicated than I could have imagined. It is surprising what limits the mind can place in the way of progress.

    This year I am looking forward to a new job, not that I have it yet, but I know it’s coming. I’m looking forward to new projects, though at this moment I can’t imagine what else needs to be tended to. I’m looking forward to new adventures, I would like those to come in the form of moving to a new state and becoming an adult all over again, but if those adventures are simply a vacation and a relaxing weekend I’ll accept them.

    Today with the blue skies, the snow dripping off the roof, and the sun out and warm I don’t mind that I don’t know what tomorrow brings. Looking back over a year I can see that it will, whatever it is, ultimately be good.

    To tomorrows!


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    The basement apartment plumbing

    January 23rd, 2012


    April and I have been tending to some plumbing at the basement apartment.

    Last week we worked on plumbing which involved removing the old traps, and the old fixtures for new fixtures.



    We also put on new turn-off valves so that plumbing in the future can be more localized.


    There are a few connections where the old and new meet that we need to tighten up, but then we should be able to move onto the electrical. Not that we’re excited to be moving past the glamor of plumbing.




    Rumor has it

    January 17th, 2012

    Rumor has it that someone’s going to post something sometime.  So I’m pushing for that rumor to come true.  I’m even swiping one of the new photos that have appeared on flicker just to try and stir up some action.


    The salt saturated stump has been thrown down! I’m passing the torch…anyone, anyone?

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